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Timeless kitchen colour combos


When it comes to kitchens, only a handful of colour combinations have stood the test of time. From the psychedelic greens and oranges of the 1960s to the earthy brown and beige tones of the 1980s, colour schemes that were once de rigueur quickly fade into history as a result of constantly changing trends in interior design.

However, there are certain colours whose marriage have revitalized the design of kitchens for decades and still look as amazing today as they ever did. Bear in mind though, that even these timeless colour combos will not suit every kitchen and will not be to everyone’s taste. Indeed, consider this article a useful source of inspiration for your inner-designer, not a step-by-step guide to which colours will suit your kitchen – after all, such decisions are for your to make!

Ultimately, it’s very important that you choose a combination that compliments your kitchen as well as suits your personality and style. In this article, we take a look at some of the classic kitchen colour schemes so that you can make the perfect choice.

Blue and white

In general, simpler colour schemes have greater longevity than bolder, brighter combos. One of the simplest and most effective combinations you can use in your kitchen is coupling blue with white. Think crisp white tiles and wall paint, with pale blue units and metallic appliances. These colours will maximize the light within any room, especially in kitchens that are lucky enough to have large windows or a skylight. The beauty of this kitchen colour scheme is in its simplicity, its adaptability and its timeless appeal.

Blue and grey

While blue and white has traditionally been more common in bathrooms, the combination of blue and grey has been a staple in kitchens for generations. Plus, many homeowners may prefer the muted grey tones over lashes of bright white – this gives the interior a more pared-back style. Just be sure to limit the brighter colour to furniture and cabinets to keep the room balanced and stop the colours from becoming overbeating. Lastly, this pairing of colours may be instantly appealing to lovers of vintage style: is there anything more timeless than a retro refrigerator in eggshell blue? I think not.

Grey and yellow

Yes, grey again – grey is one of the most diverse and useful colours to apply to a kitchen! However, too much of it can make a room look gloomy and characterless. One idea is to Inject a vibrant shade of yellow to provide some contrast and lighten up the room. Again, limiting the bright colours (in this case, the yellows) to cabinets, furniture or artwork prevents it overpowering the room, all the while allowing for subtle hints of contrast with darker tones. Furthermore, you may want to combine this colour scheme with the blue and grey scheme detailed above for a more complexed (but still timeless) mix of harmonious shades.

Black and (metallic) brown

Far from being dingy and drab, darker kitchens exude sophistication – indeed, shadowy colour schemes are actually on trend for 2018. A darker colour palette can prove to be a valuable tool when used tastefully and in moderation, especially with contemporary kitchens that err on the bright and clinical side. Delicate accents of matte black add a touch of class to your space. Touches of brown in the form of brass, copper and bronze (incorporated via handles, fittings, or decorative details) work best with black and help you achieve that gritty industrial look.

Red and white

Erring on the quirkier side, this combo is both edgy and traditional, not to mention a known favourite of Sunderland fans. Nevertheless, marrying red with white has been a popular kitchen combination for years. It makes sense really, as the kitchen is the place where fire and ice are combined, so why not reflect that in the colour scheme? Red can be a difficult to incorporate, but you just have to know where to use it. Red fixtures and furnishing present the easiest route, but you could experiment with a red splash back or a collage of red and white wall tiles if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. If you’re going to go bold, it doesn’t get any bolder than red!

Black and white

This style classic has been the colour scheme of choice for fashionistas since the 1920s. Monochrome can look as good in the kitchen as it does on the catwalk. Some consider it to be a ‘safe’ option when applied to interior design, but when combined with handle-less cabinets, modern curves and even a statement colourful island, it can be one of the boldest looks. Otherwise, traditionalists may want to opt for black and white ‘checkerboard’ floor tiles for a touch of timeless elegance.

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