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Storage solutions for kitchen utensils


Considering where you put your whisks, knives, and rolling pins as part of your kitchen’s composition can add to the design of the space (rather than draw attention away from it). Concealing them helps to create the uncluttered, simplistic lines of a modernist kitchen, whilst incorporating them into a display emphasises the centrality of the room as the heart and centre of the home, creating a more traditional feel. Whether you’re looking to create a sleek, streamlined space or evoke the hearth of the home, here are some tips on how to store your kitchen utensils. 

Concealing utensils 

Amidst the flurry of hectic activity in our everyday lives, modern kitchens offer minimalist space to retreat to. Their simplicity derives not only from the materials and colours used, but also from keeping workspaces clear of utensils and appliances. There are various ways to do this, all of which reinforce the style of the kitchen whilst improving its storage efficiency. Diagonal sections inside of drawers, for example, allow for longer utensils like spatchelors or ladles to be stowed away. 


Cupboards can also be more fully utilised. Magnetic strips attached to the inside of doors can be used to hang knives, or racks affixed to hold a variety of utensils. If you have an awkward corner cupboard, you could install a lazy susan to increase the space’s functionality. 

Utensils as features 

Create a more homely space where your kitchen accessories make a statement. There are a number of ways to store them in an appealing manner. Hanging them up is the most common option, and your choice of accessories can complement the style of your kitchen. 


A brass tension pole can be fixed above a stove, for example, complementing the cool shades of surrounding tiles – ideal in a country style kitchen. Alternatively, you could store utensils in containers on the worktop and use materials that fit with the kitchen’s aesthetic – angular cement vessels, for instance, would be perfect in a kitchen aiming for an urban feel. 

Built-in utensils 


Another way to use utensils and other kitchen objects to accentuate the kitchen’s style is to integrate them within units. Instead of having a separate, moveable chopping board, for instance, you could accommodate it within a worktop – a marble section inlay with a small circular hole serves as a surface to cut on, and makes it easier to dispose of waste. You could even do away with a knife block, storing knives directly in specially-cut holes in the work surface – a practical and visually appealing solution. Integrated bottle openers are also a neat addition.


Whether you decide to fix your knives to a hidden magnetic strip or keep them on show, our team of designers will give you inspiration on where to keep your kitchen essentials. A family-run business, Burnhill Kitchens designs and builds kitchens to suit every need. For examples of our bespoke, award-winning work, please request a free brochure.

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