Kitchen Planning

The benefits of kitchen islands


If you have enough space, a kitchen island might be an ideal addition to your design. Standing as the heart of the kitchen, it can offer more space both for preparation and storage while providing more definition to areas of open space. Although they might not be suitable for every home, kitchen islands offer far more pros than cons – here are some of the benefits. 


Preparation space 

Kitchen islands give you more functional worktop space to utilise. They increase the area you have to explore your culinary skills and they also offer you more possibilities in terms of fittings and appliances. You could install a second sink or a stove for more flexibility. Regardless, having an open and more communally accessible space for preparation makes cooking more social – you can chat with guests while you whip up their dinner. 

Storage space 

They’re valuable for the extra space they provide on the surface and also for the increased area under the worktop. You might want to include extra cupboards or open shelves for your kitchenware, or perhaps a wine cooler or rack, custom-fitted to perfectly align with the design of the space.  

Adaptable seating

Seating placed in or around a kitchen island offers a more informal alternative to the kitchen or dining-room table. Kitchen stools placed under a worktop are discreet yet functional – pulling them out transforms the kitchen island into the social hub of the space, a gathering spot to catch-up over breakfast or after work. With the right lighting solutions, a kitchen island with seating is ideal for casual evening dinners – a feeling of intimacy can be created against the backdrop of the larger kitchen area. 

Serving space

If not being used to dine upon, islands are also really handy for serving buffet-style gatherings or events. You can display your fine spread across the island, leaving dining tables and outer worktop space clear for preparation or a make-shift bar.

Area division 

It can sometimes be difficult to create a sense of cohesion across large, open spaces. One way to deal with expansive areas is to divide them up, giving each smaller space its own individual function and tone. Kitchen islands can serve as a useful divider for cavernous spaces, separating areas for cooking from those for living. They’re also a clear focal point for the room – with consideration of shape, size, and material, kitchen islands can form one of the most prominent visual features of a kitchen. 


If you’re planning a new kitchen and have an adequate amount of space at your disposal, then a kitchen island might be a perfect complement to your design. Increasing both work and storage space, kitchen islands offer you a versatile place to socialise whilst forming a central element in the style of the kitchen. 


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