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The new kitchens on the block


So you have the latest smartphone, VR headsets and wireless headphones…”that don’t impress me much”. We live at a time where you can control your heating from your phone, your bin records what you need to put on your shopping list and Alexa is your new sous chef (and weather forecaster). You may even have a car that knows your name and tells you the outdoor temperature every morning. But do you have a smart kitchen? Your entire house is becoming a smart home. There’s absolutely no reason why your kitchen should remain in the dark ages.


The smart age of cooking

Admittedly, many of the kitchen gadgets out there aren’t super high tech. Quirky kitchen accessories like finger spoons, microwave bacon racks and the egg cuber you got for Christmas aren’t exactly classed as kitchen must-haves. But just because you’ve only used your Sushi Bazooka once, doesn’t mean you can’t justify slightly higher spec kitchen technology that’s designed to make your life easier.  

From wireless smart meat thermometers, coffee machines controlled from your phone and bins that read your shoppings barcodes; there are plenty of smart kitchen apps powered by artificial intelligence and smart connected kitchen appliances which integrate modern kitchen technology into your home. Bringing your kitchen up to speed with the rest of your smart home can make a real impact on how you cook, prepare food and generally run your household. As everyone knows, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so now’s the time for you to become as tech savvy as head chef.


Home, smart home

To create a fully kitted out and state of the art smart kitchen, it’s going to take bit more than buying a voice activated microwave. But don’t worry, there’s a whole range of smart kitchen appliances now available to upgrade your home.

Install smart kitchen appliances and you can control your kitchen from almost anywhere. Forgot to put the washing on? Start your smart washing machine on the way to the office. Late home for dinner? Preheat your smart cooker from your smartphone. You can even receive updates on how your food is cooking!

Siemens kitchen appliances are the creme de la creme of smart kitchen technology. Sophisticated, easy to use and fast, Siemens connected kitchen appliances use intelligent software that allows you to control your kitchen from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Control all of your connected Siemens kitchen appliances from your smartphone or tablet using Siemens Home Connect App.  

Spend less time thinking about the laundry and more time on what you enjoy thanks to these fancy-as modern kitchen appliances. You can install them in any combination and their modern design complements a range of kitchen styles, including classic and elegant styles as well as urban kitchens – snazzy.


What the hELICA?

Although a shiny new smart kitchen may seem like a big investment, there are lots of smart kitchen appliances that can have your kitchen working like clockwork without buying a whole new kitchen. Elica is a world leader in designing cutting-edge cooker hoods and extractors crafted in innovative designs to make your kitchen work seamlessly.  


Elica smart extractor hob

Extractor hobs are Elica’s pride and joy. The ‘love child’ of an induction hob and extractor, these aspiration hobs are induction cooktops with fully integrated extraction systems built in. Say goodbye to all the times you bumped your head on your overhead extractor. Innovatively designed, the central fan is perfectly integrated into the hob, removing all the cooking fumes. It’s a little bit like a helpful, miniature self-collecting bin that keeps your kitchen fume-free. Plus, you don’t need to factor a ceiling hood into the aesthetic and layout of your kitchen design.

Elica also have a range of rather sleek induction hobs without the built-in extractor feature. These fancy hobs not only make cooking that much easier, but also boast smart cooking features such as child lock, wireless connectivity and they cool as soon as you remove your pans. So you needn’t worry about the kids or cats touching the hob when you’re not looking.


The best of the neighbourhood

Built-in, wall-mounted, for an island, corner, ceiling, or downdraft – whatever kind of hood you want, Elica have you covered (or should we say, hooded). Their cooker hobs are not only elegant and stylishly designed, but work to actively make your kitchen space have cleaner, more liveable air quality.

Breath of fresh air

Thanks to Elica’s ‘Snap’, we can enjoy fresh and pleasantly smelling air throughout our homes. This nifty little air quality balancer is an innovative way to control the quality of the air that you and your family breathe. Through the advanced monitoring setting that you can control from your smartphone (the Snap App), you can adjust the quality of the air inside your home with the touch of a finger. And exhale…

A kitchen is usually for life – or at least a few years –  as your partner may remind you. So when looking at installing a new kitchen, it’s worth investing in the latest modern kitchen software to put you ahead of the game. Burnhill believe in integrating the latest smart kitchen technology into stylish, bespoke kitchen designs. Speak to the Burnhill team today to find out more about Siemens and Elica appliances.  


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