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Modern kitchen technology


We are all aware of the unprecedented rise of smart technology that is gradually infiltrating our daily lives. One environment in which this technological development has been particularly impressive is in the kitchen. Integrated technology and smart appliances are making domestic lives easier and more effortless than ever before. In this post we will be discussing modern kitchen technology and how to implement it in your home.

If you are planning on designing a new kitchen then you are in the best position to leverage this new technology. Be sure to work closely with your kitchen designers to integrate the technology that is most suited to your personal needs. Whether you opt for all the smart appliances you can or whether it is simply case of positioning power points in the most logical place, technology should be a key consideration.

In this post we discuss the ways to embrace the new smart technology era and how to make your kitchen future-proof.

Smart appliances

Spearheading the innovation game are Siemens with their connected kitchen appliances and intelligent software. Combining exceptional functionality to ease your workload with a good helping of luxury living, Siemens Home Connect increases the efficiency of your everyday life.

Look inside your fridge from the office to see whether you need to pick up some milk on the way home. Set your washing machine to start remotely so that the cycle finishes just as you step through the door. Or preheat your oven on the train home from work. The possibilities are endless and very exciting.

Touch free taps

Having been a common sight in public washrooms for some years, you can now take advantage of this cool feature in your very own home.

The hygiene benefits of touch free taps are clear. We’ve all been there: you’ve been handling raw chicken and need to wash your hands but can’t turn the tap on without getting raw chicken on the tap. You may resort to a touch of gymnastics to turn the tap with an elbow or even a foot – but wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a touch free tap?

Wire-free charging stations

Our modern lives are dominated by gadgets and gizmos whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, this also means more devices to charge and more wires to disrupt the nice clean look of the room. The solution? Wire-free charging stations.

There are now worktops available where you can just put down your phone and it will start charging as if by magic. Ultimately, wires are unsightly and often inconvenient. Recent developments in smart technology have introduced wireless charging and it makes perfect sense to include this feature into your new kitchen.

What about style

Not only do smart appliances bring unrivalled functionality, they also bring effortless style. By enabling less wires and less clutter, you can create a stunning oasis in your kitchen. As high end products, a lot of work goes into making them look fantastic.

With various options to choose from, make sure you work with your kitchen designers to select the most appropriate products and designs to fit in with the overall style of your kitchen.

Cost vs time

Sure, these modern technologies aren’t going to be cheap but you need to think of them as a long term investment.

These smart features are designed to increase efficiency and save you time. We all know that time is money so you need to weigh up whether the stress saved is worth the price point. For many people the answer is clear. Less stress, more time and a touch of luxury: you simply can’t beat it!

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