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Kitchen accessories that make a statement


When it comes to kitchen design, practicality and functionality are high on the list. A good kitchen has places to store kitchenware, appliances and utensils and space to use them. This does not mean prioritising function and abandoning style completely. Luckily when it comes to kitchen accessories, cutting edge functionality is often met with stylish design and exterior. In fact, those accessories that you use the least can be the most attractive features of your kitchen. Most kitchens have ovens, fridges, sinks, and cabinets, but what about all those little extras that make the space unique? This article surveys some of the more esoteric kitchen accessories and design ideas to incorporate into your kitchen.

Save space, add chic

If you enjoy wine served in a tall glass with a thin edge, these are the glasses you should have in your home. And if you are short on cupboard and drying space, it makes sense to keep them out all the time. Storing your wine glasses in an upside down glass holder, above an island, work counter or dining table will not only reveal smudges before you go to serve, it saves space, aids drying and creates a stylish feature within your kitchen. Whether it’s a silver, gold or rose gold finish that you are after, matching a rack with the other accessories can help to bring a design together.

Stylish ornament or handy utensil?

Whilst they may not be the most exciting things in your kitchen, well chosen ladles, spoons and spatulas can provide the finishing touches to the room. Hand crafted wooden utensils (and chopping boards) add a calming, natural contrast to cool, metallic kitchens. Whereas, brightly coloured plastic utensils spice up neutral colour palettes. Ototo and Joseph have a great selection of these, from the ‘Nessie family’ and ‘Swanky’ floating ladles to the ‘Nest’ range.

Branch out from the essentials

A good workman buys himself good tools. You may not use your herb scissors or avocado slicer every day but utensils designed for time consuming food prep like finely chopping make fiddly, monotonous, tasks satisfying, neat and speedy. Again functional gadgets do not have to look plain. Some of the most niche kitchen ‘gadgets’ are the most fun in appearance – take the ‘Stemgem’ strawberry corer as an example.

Channel your inner barista

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply a caffeine addict, investing in a coffee machine makes obtaining a tasty caffeine fix a lot easier. Luckily, your coffee machine does not have to be an eyesore or unwanted clutter on your counter. If you have a classic kitchen, a coffee machine can add colour, shine and a modern element. You can even make the coffee capsules a feature with fun holders like the Nespresso cactus capsule holder. If it’s cappuccinos and lattes that you like, milk frothers are a popular add-on which also double up as excellent hot chocolate makers.

Store and display

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Some tableware (bowls, plates, jugs, mugs etc.) is too pretty to stay behind cupboard doors. Dressers and shelves are not only an efficient storage method, they are a traditional way to keep your favourite pieces on show whilst adding character and class to your kitchen.

Bring the Bake Off to your own kitchen

Even the less avid bakers among us can appreciate a Kitchenaid mixer – especially when purchased to match the toaster and maybe even the kettle. These come in so many different colours, the biggest challenge is choosing which to go for.

Spice up your life

You can always guarantee that the herb or spice you need will be at the very back of the cupboard. If you choose a custom-made spice shelf or rack, you can fill lost or empty space as well as keep your selection organised and easily accessible. There are lots of ideas online and our professional designers can help you to design a stylish and bespoke spice storage solution.

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