Interior Design

Is your kitchen magazine ready?


You’re approaching the final stage of your kitchen refurb. The builders have been and gone, everything’s installed, the paintwork’s finished – but your design journey doesn’t end here. When creating your dream kitchen, the design process isn’t complete until you (or your designer) have explored the world of interior design.

To complete your dream kitchen, the accessories and interiors provide the finish that your design deserves and the overall look you hoped to achieve. Don’t stop with the final designs. Dream kitchens are created when functionality and aesthetics align; dressing your kitchen correctly will help to achieve this. This week, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Parlane, one of the UK’s leading interior wholesalers.

Once designed, built and decorated, your kitchen isn’t ready until it’s equipped with the items you need to wine, dine, cook and socialise in. The best kitchen designs will look better once lived in than when pristine and empty – if you choose the right accessories that is. Carefully chosen accessories complement the design and finish the overall look. Here are a few ideas for inspiration and to show you what we mean…


Best dressed, kitchen jewellery

Hopefully the electrician has been to check that the lights, plug sockets, sound systems and any other electrical appliances are working. But they won’t choose your light fitting or lamp shade. Will you go for modern blinds, cosy curtains, hidden utensils or featured utensils? Is there a space for a new fruit bowl on the central island or will you go for an elegant vase? Whatever items you need, or simply want, to be in your new kitchen, these are all questions to start asking.

If you’ve opted for a copper or rose gold theme, having pots and pans to match will set this off beautifully, so don’t hide them away in the cupboard. Pick out coasters and door fixings to further complement the themes and trends you are bringing to your kitchen. Address every detail and keep it tailored. Does the cat keep sitting on the window seat? A cosy throw could hide the cat hair and pair up with the cushion covers at the breakfast bar.


A place for this, a place for that

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. Whether it’s the first room of the house you enter, or it’s the first room you go to, the kitchen counter can end up being a place for car keys, wallets, mobiles, chargers and this week’s post. Save the time spent looking for these (and reminding your children or partner to tidy up after themselves) by creating a space for a ‘counter tidy’. Whether this is a shallow, ornate bowl or a rustic basket or box, it can double up as a functional tidier whilst also adding detail and texture to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Coat hooks and key hooks also make a homely but stylish feature to any country home or townhouse. Then there are stylish wine racks and shelves or dressers to display your favourite jugs and plates.


Style and substance

We may not need candles anymore but they do smell great and provide soft lighting at dinner parties. And Parlane candle holders look divine even when unlit. Ditto their vases and jugs. Whether being used for what they were made for or simply for decorative purposes, Parlane ceramics could end up being a centrepiece in your new kitchen.

Designing and creating the perfect kitchen doesn’t end when the builders and decorators walk out of the door – or at least it shouldn’t. Choosing accessories that are both functional and in keeping with your design is the final stage to achieving the stunning look you were after. Parlane is one of the UK’s leading interior wholesalers, designing and supplying home accessories to the trade. If you’re interested in using a ‘dressing service’ as well as initial design advice, speak to the Burnhill Kitchens team.

With bonfire night coming up and Christmas already approaching there’s plenty of room to add a few festive touches to your kitchen accessories too. Find a Parlane catalogue in store or have a browse online for some inspiration. At Burnhill we believe that the overall design of your kitchen and the interiors and accessories can be bespoke. This is why we’ve formed an exciting new partnership with Parlane.

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