Kitchen Planning

Built-in pantry designs


A pantry is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re aiming for a modern or traditional style, they can be integrated into any plan to provide extra storage space that’s easy to access. Here are some key factors to consider when thinking about your built-in pantry design. 


Decide what purpose your pantry will serve to determine how deep it should be. If it’s going to hold items of varying size – food, bottles, and kitchen appliances – you’ll want to have a deeper storage area. Whilst the depth is ultimately constrained by the dimensions of the kitchen, we’d generally recommend shelves to be 16-20 inches deep. The shelves at the top should be narrower to account for harder-to-reach places – or alternatively, you could include a wine rack near the top of the pantry to fully utilise the space. Ultimately, the deeper your pantry, the more it can hold. 



Open shelves are a good option for easy visibility of what you have in stock and provide space for stylish additions – think about storing your cupboard essentials in glass jars or bottles. Drawers also add more organization to a pantry. Pull-out wicker baskets, for instance, can be used to separate your root vegetables from your teatowels. If designed in the right way, pull-out drawers can also be used to utilise awkward corner spaces for extra storage. 


Pantries are versatile and can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen. We’d recommend utilising the spare space you have available. Perhaps you’ve got an area under the stairs that you’re not using, or an awkward gap next to the fridge. If you’re tight on spare room, even narrow spaces can be used to install a custom-made pantry. 


Butler’s Pantries 

If you have ample space, a butler pantry could be a viable option for your design. Separated from the main kitchen, a butler pantry is essentially a small room to store your kitchen essentials out of sight. Given the extra space, there’s more potential to personalise your pantry. Alongside a wider range of storage options, you’d have more flexibility in terms of style – you could install a sliding ladder to evoke the feeling of a traditional grocer, or a feature door to make the kitchen more unique. 


Pantries are a versatile way to store food, wine, and kitchen appliances. When planning your new kitchen, consider integrating one into the design – it can be fully customised to meet your exact requirements, taking into account functionality and style. 


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