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What do we mean by a bespoke kitchen?


The term ‘bespoke’ is used a lot to describe products and services…and too frequently in our opinion. Occasionally companies describe their products as ‘bespoke’ when they’re in fact far from it. How do you distinguish between truly bespoke and the semi-bespoke kitchens masquerading as such? In this post we outline how bespoke kitchens differ from kitchens which are available ex-stock.


Bespoke defined

The term bespoke means custom made. A bespoke product is individually crafted to suit the client’s individual needs. 

Bespoke kitchens vs made to measure kitchens

This distinction can be compared to that of visiting a tailor or a high street shop for clothes. The former provides the customer with choice on design, shape, print, fabric and exact size. The latter may allow a degree of choice on size but no customisation on size or overall design. 


A bespoke kitchen is 100% tailor-made and designed from scratch, in line with the client’s specifications. There’s no standard designs, materials, colours or sizing.

Ex-stock kitchens on the other hand are generally mass produced and stock piled for immediate supply. The customer has zero say in design and limited flexibility when it comes to size. This is only a good option if you need your kitchen quickly and don’t mind being restricted to set designs and sizes. 

A key difference that is easy to spot is that bespoke kitchens are made up of cabinets, whilst non-bespoke kitchens are made up of kitchen units.

One size doesn’t fit all

Some kitchen companies claim to be fully bespoke when in reality they only offer a level of choice when it comes to sizes. They may offer predetermined dimensions to choose from. If you’re lucky one of this will fit your kitchen but there’s no guarantee.

With a bespoke kitchen, bespoke sizes aren’t a problem – customized height, width, depth, curves and angled cabinets are all possible. No more hoping that the design you like coincidentally fits your kitchen dimensions and chosen layout! 

One design doesn’t suit all

With a bespoke kitchen design company, customers are welcome to refer to pre-made units for design inspiration but they aren’t limited to set options. They can incorporate two designs or come up with an entirely new one. 

Should I opt for a bespoke kitchen?

Snug as a bug

Non-bespoke kitchens, such as flat packed or ready built units, have set designs and usually come in a limited range of standard sizes with no flexibility to allow for that awkward corner, or maybe the doors are too wide or the cupboards too deep. 

Whilst non-bespoke kitchen manufacturers stockpile kitchen cabinets in standard sizes, bespoke companies usually won’t even cut their materials until the client’s tailor-made design is exactly as they want it and fits perfectly or ‘sits flush’. As well as creating the perfect kitchen for you, this also ensures a reduction in waste material. 

Built to last

The quality craftsmanship involved means that a bespoke kitchen will be more robust last significantly longer than their ready-made counterparts. The craftsmen can use the finest natural resources to produce beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry. 


Bespoke kitchen provider

Non-bespoke retailer

  • Two – four consultation meetings to produce perfectly fitting design plans and project scope.
  • One or two meetings using a standard template to decide on units before ordering. 
  • 100% tailor-made in terms of design and dimensions. Designed from scratch, crafted to suit the client’s individual needs. 
  • Choice of pre-determined sizes. Some minor adjustments if any at all.
  • Between six to ten weeks from start to finish.
  • Ready and delivered in a matter of days rather than weeks.


Bespoke kitchens at Burnhill

Burnhill bespoke kitchens come with a high degree of customisation. There’s a choice of materials and finishes and there’s always the flexibility to supply at non-standard sizes. At the top of the range, our bespoke kitchen units are made from specialist timbers, expertly jointed – not simply glued or screwed together. 

We have partnerships with Miele, Siemens and Neff, so there’s no need to shop elsewhere for appliances because we can source these for you. If you do want to source an appliance from a different brand however, you’re free to do so and we’ll help to build any cabinets or furniture around these for you. 

Why Burnhill

The key to a successful kitchen is finding a person or company that understands what you want and can deliver that. Because Burnhill manage and deliver the whole process – from choosing and sourcing materials, through to the build and installation – we’re guided by which design elements work best and which are preferred by you. 

Kitchen companies that sell on behalf of suppliers and contractors aren’t involved in the installation. As such, they have a vested interest in selling as many kitchens from each of their suppliers as possible rather than the design that works best. Burnhill assure peace of mind by providing fully managed projects and installations. 

We have over 30 stylish display kitchens in our Tonbridge showroom. Our design and consultation process is free of charge and we’ll work closely with you to devise our ideal kitchen before figuring out the next steps. Get in touch with our team today to find out more. 

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