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The art of the monochrome kitchen


As one of the key interiors trends of 2018, monochrome has been infiltrating homes across the country. The appeal is easy to understand; the classic combination of black and white is somehow at once timeless and contemporary. One of the rooms in which this trend is particularly popular is the kitchen. Is there a trick to the monochrome kitchen?

Sticking primarily to black and white sounds limiting, but in actual fact you can pull off a range of different looks. From classical elegance to funky retro, the opportunities are endless and exciting. In this post, we share our top tips for how to pull off a monochrome kitchen with ease and style.

A touch of drama

There is something inherently dramatic about the contrast of black and white. Utilising such an antithesis of colours is bound to make a bold statement. If you are going to fully embrace this trend then you need to go all out in leveraging this contrast palette.

There are several ways you can achieve this. Firstly, for a real statement, opt for a black and white floor. This could be a chequered chessboard effect or a more retro geometric pattern. Another popular option is white tiles with dark grout, perfect for achieving a trendy and contemporary look. The opportunities for adding drama are aplenty, just make sure you speak to your designer about your vision and they will be able to suggest some options for you.

Add texture

One of the primary concerns around the monochrome trend is that the final result may look a little cold or colourless. The way around this is to throw in some additional textures. Bring a spot of nature into the space with plants and wood effects to soften the overall look and bring warmth, whilst still maintaining a modern look.

It is also worth adding texture with different patterns. Experiment with hexagonal tiles on the wall for a bit of contemporary vibrancy. Or perhaps consider a herringbone floor for a more classic appearance. Black and white does not have to be clinical – there is plenty of fun to be had!

Soften the monochrome

If you like the idea of a monochrome kitchen but are concerned about the severity of such a look then try softening the colours for a more homely appeal. Try charcoal and buttermilk colours instead of harsh blacks and striking whites. You can also incorporate matte paint finishes and fabrics for a smoother, softer look.

Ensure that your kitchen has the appropriate lighting to really pull off a monochrome look; this is important in creating the most appealing shadow and contrast. You can also try bridging the gap between black and white with tones of grey; although not strictly monochrome, there’s no right or wrong answer. After all, it’s your kitchen, so adapt as you see fit.

Monochrome as a backdrop

Black and white can also function as neutral colours, meaning you can mix it up with other splashes of colour. In fact, monochrome provides the perfect backdrop for adding vibrancy and making colours pop.

Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring or one dimensional. Colours can become features and bring points of interest. Select coloured tiles or units for a more permanent colour accent, or choose to add pops of colour with accessories so you can change it up more often.

Your kitchen, your rules

From the crisp and contemporary feel of a contrasting colour palette to the retro 1950s diner feel of a chequerboard floor, there is a monochrome design to suit every style and scheme. You can go all out by incorporating walls, flooring, units and other furniture into the black and white scheme, or you can be more subtle with monochrome accessories.

This is about creating a kitchen to match your vision and requirements, so be sure to convey this to your designer. For further help and advice on designing your dream kitchen, request a brochure or get in touch with the friendly Burnhill Kitchens team.

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