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Best American-style fridge freezers


If you have space for one, American-style fridge freezers are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. They offer more storage space, additional features for increasing the longevity of your food, and a modern touch to your kitchen design. Here are five of the best American-style fridge freezers available right now. 


What defines them?

  • SPACE: They’re generally very large, around 70-90cm in width, 70cm deep, and up to 190cm tall with a capacity of over 600 litres. 
  • EASE OF USE: Multiple doors add to the user experience and accessibility of each and every section of the fridge shelves. Adjustable shelving and frost-free technology mean no awkward angles and no hacking away at ice.
  • LUXURY: Built-in water and ice dispensers add even more convenience. 
  • TECH: Additional features including digital displays allow constant monitoring and configuration of internal fridge settings and contents. 
  • ADAPTABLE: You can convert freezer space into extra fridge space and accurately control the temperature and moisture within different compartments. 

Trust us – these features may not be essential but they’re extremely useful. 

What options are available?

Smeg FQ60XPE

This Smeg American-style fridge freezer has four doors and a massive 610L capacity, making it the largest entry on this list. Adjustable storage compartments provide completely tailored control over the contents of your fridge. You can move up to 77L of storage from the freezer to the refrigerator (or vice versa).

It also boasts a slick LCD screen to display temperature information and allow control functions including fast freezing, cooling, and a child lock. While it’s a huge fridge, it’s very practical. It promises to be completely frost-free and very efficient, touting an A+ energy rating. 

Fisher and Paykel RF605QDUVX1

The next entry comes from our recent partners at Fisher and Paykel. Their latest American-style fridge freezer is slightly smaller than some on this list at 496L but it’s by no means inferior. One of its four compartments is a Variable Temperature Zone, allowing you to adapt it to the particular foods you need to store. It has four modes: Fridge, for everyday items; Freezer, for long-term storage; Chill, for alcoholic beverages and perishable meats, and Soft-Freeze, for food that you want to be able to thaw and reheat quickly. Elegant one-touch control panels can be used to regulate the temperatures throughout the entire fridge freezer. It’s also frost-free, boasts a water dispenser, and has brilliant LED lighting inside. 

Neff N 70 KA3923I20G

Our next favourite is a Neff creation. Their N70 model has a capacity of 541L and scores an A+ for energy efficiency. The MultiAirFlow cooling system circulates air around the fridge to ensure maximum freshness. You can also choose between cubed or crushed ice as and when you need it. When activated, ‘Holiday Mode’ uses less power for when you’re out of town for long periods at a time. ‘SuperCooling’ feature temporarily reduces the internal temperature of the fridge to 2°C to quickly chill items added recently, while the FreshSafe 2 system keeps fruit and veg fresh for twice as long than average. 

Siemens KA92NLB35G IQ-700

Make a unique statement with the black, glossy exterior of this entry from Siemens. It’s a sophisticated, modern twist on a longstanding kitchen appliance and takes fridge aesthetics to a new level. Plus, achieving an A++ rating makes it the most energy-efficient entry. It has shatterproof shelves, and a coolBox draw within the fridge section – ideal for storing perishable meat and fish. With a capacity of 592L, you won’t have to worry about overfilling. 

Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941SL/EU

Affectionately named the ‘Family Hub’ Samsung’s American-style fridge freezer has a huge touchscreen display that works like a giant tablet. Display your calendar, update your shopping list, and even display photos – a modern version of sticking notes and pictures to your fridge. View what’s in your fridge through an app on your phone – handy if you’ve forgotten to update your shopping list. Or to really dine out on its tech features, mirror your phone screen and watch videos while you prepare food – great if the kids are watching something on the television. For added convenience, connect it with your other smart home devices, such as lights and doorbell, to use the fridge to adjust lighting levels or see who’s at the door. 

With a huge 593L capacity, and its Twin Cooling system the family hub keeps food fresh for twice as long as a regular fridge. It comes with a water and ice dispenser for added convenience. This truly is the fridge of the future, combining the very best in refrigeration technology with the entertainment of a smart device. 

That concludes our list of the best American-style fridge freezers. Get in touch with us to find out more about our stock of American-style fridges as well as our fitting options. We have partnerships with Miele, Siemens and Neff, so we can source these for you. If you’d like to source an appliance from a different brand, you’re free to do so and we’ll help to build any cabinets or furniture around these for you. 

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