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How to achieve a Scandinavian style kitchen


We are all familiar with the Scandinavian trend that has infiltrated the homes and interiors world for some time now. In fact, we would go as far to say that it’s no longer a trend, rather a staple style – trends come and go but this one is sticking around. In the past few years, we have noticed an increased interest in a Scandinavian style kitchen, with the pull of those trendy Scandinavians too strong to ignore.

This style is distinguished by its clean and minimalist look that combines both style and sophistication. Whites and light greys bring brightness and provide a blank canvas on which people can inject their own tastes. As well as dominating bedrooms and living spaces, the appetite for Scandinavian style has permeated into kitchens. In this post, we will share our tips and tricks to achieving that perfect Scandi kitchen.


Choosing a neutral colour palette is key to achieving a Nordic look and whites frequently dominate. An all-white scheme will open up the space and bring brightness into your kitchen. Combine with natural wood effects to bring the Scandinavian forest indoors and add texture to your interiors.

To break up the white, add pops of colour with carefully chosen accessories. This could include a feature light, coloured appliances or a variety of plants and herbs. Greys and soft browns complement a white colour palette, so think about how you can incorporate these into your kitchen design.


Keep work surfaces simple, flooring pared back and tiles minimal. Scandinavian homes are characterised by a sense of wellbeing and this means avoiding clutter and overly fussy design. Minimalism does not have to be mean boring or plain. There is nothing to stop you working colours and textures into your kitchen to add focal points and elements of interest.

If an all-white minimalist scheme is too stark for your home then consider blending Scandi chic with country living. The natural wood incorporated into many Nordic style interiors also works wonderfully with the more classic and traditional styles of kitchen. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean a lack of homeliness. Add cosy touches with a rug or soft seating area – soft textiles will help bring a sense of warmth into your kitchen.


Scandinavians are masters of clever storage solutions, utilising every inch of the available space. This is most important in a kitchen where the plethora of appliances and utensils need a safe space to be kept. Clever tricks such as doubling a worktop for a dining table can work wonders for smaller kitchens.

Open shelving can be used to display gorgeous accessories but do not overdo this type of storage. Nordic kitchens typically look exceptionally neat and tidy, so hide away any clutter with cupboards and doors. Here at Burnhill Kitchens we offer bespoke storage solutions, so we can work with your own personal requirements to provide the most appropriate options for you.


Given that most Scandinavian countries spend much of the year with only a few hours of daylight, they are experts at utilising the available light. Choose colours and surfaces that will reflect every inch of light. Painting ceilings and walls in the same hue (white works best) will also help maximise the available light.

It is also worth considering a skylight or roof light to really go the extra mile. Such an addition will let floods of light into your kitchen, making it a bright and exciting space in which to cook and enjoy time with friends and family.


“Scandinavian style is characterised by three key components — functionality, simplicity and beauty,” explains Ikea’s Communication and Interior Design Manager, Craig Ritchie. “Although simple in design, clean lines are often incorporated with understated elegance and warm functionality, which creates a very homely feel.”

Our customers love the look of Scandinavian kitchens and they really are perfect for any size of kitchen. With a bespoke design service, our kitchen designers can create a look and style that is created with your own personal requirements and tastes in mind, resulting in a tailor-made kitchen for your home. Understated, elegant and stylish but also highly functional – what’s not to love about a Scandinavian style kitchen?

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