5 simple bathroom trends 2018


Your bathroom is more than just functional space. It presents opportunities to play with colour, experiment with materials, incorporate new technologies, all while creating an air of relaxation. Furthermore, when you revamp your bathroom according to the top design trends set for 2018, it has the potential to make a real impression and improve the overall feel of your home interior. While designing and renovating bespoke kitchens may be our main speciality here at Burnhill, more generally our team are experts at bringing out the beauty of any given space while maintaining its practical value – that’s why we love to design studies too.

We’d love to share our forecast of interior bathroom trends for 2018 so that you can keep on top of the latest and greatest in modern home design. If you like your bathrooms to be à la mode, perhaps you could implement these ideas into your own design plan for the next few months.

Embracing brass

The rose gold colouring of brass has seen the material rise in popularity over recent years, guaranteeing immediate style points for those who couple it with some trendy marble textures. In 2018 we expect to see the use of brass throughout interiors become slightly less pronounced, with subtle accents being the favoured approach. Although rose gold still dominates the trends, applying the colour in smaller doses with the occasional brass fixture helps you to stay on trend without your space becoming garish or going over the top. Brass taps are the obvious choice, but you could also try brass shower heads and towel rails for a touch of understated elegance.

More tile, more style

Intricate tiles laid in a beautiful pattern of your choice will always kick your bathroom up a notch, but there are certain patterns and designs that are set to gain popularity over the coming year. The rustic textures and sunbaked colours of Moroccan tiles give your bathroom that exotic flair, especially when they are mismatched to create an interesting collage of patterns and palettes. Or you could diverge from the usual square laying patterns with some jazzy geometric tiles. Nothing grabs the attention of guests quite like a bold and brave mix of colours and materials, and now is the best time to get experimental with bathroom tiles. Embrace your exuberance!

Frameless simplicity

Minimalism is certainly nothing new, but the simple elegance of frameless showers is only now catching on as people realise they are not just extravagant gimmicks for modern showrooms. Contemporary walk-in enclosures instantly open up your bathroom and increase floor space, making a bold design statement while imbuing the room with a sleek and sophisticated feel. Plus, glass panels and metallic frames present a great way to get on the industrial chic trend.

Come to the dark side

Contrary to popular belief, dark colours do not always make an interior more gloomy and moody. A darker colour palette can prove a valuable tool when used tastefully and in moderation, especially with bathrooms that err on the clean and clinical side. Delicate accents of matte black – incorporated through rails, handles, stands, or shelves – add a touch of class to your space. Bathrooms replete with greys, whites, and creams often benefit from contrasting dark tones, whether subtly embedded in your tiled flooring or boldly highlighting your bath. Alternatively, those unwilling to commit to these more permanent features may instead fancy some dark accessories in the form of plant pots, washcloths, paintings, or even toiletries.

Sleeker sinks

Our collective adoration of minimal and graceful designs with a hint of luxury endures in 2018. Perhaps the best (and least fussy) way to achieve this feeling in the bathroom is with a beautiful countertop basin which sits nicely atop your bathroom counter unit as a standalone element. Available in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and colours, basins like these will save space, create interest, and define the overall aesthetic you hope to achieve with your bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms may benefit from a rounded basin with smooth and clean ceramics, while more natural designs call for a classic stone basin coupled with a simple house plant. Evoke the luxury of hotel and restaurant bathrooms with this easy design feature.

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As of August 2018, we no longer design bathrooms at Burnhill Hitchens.

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