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Top 3 kitchen tap trends 2019


Taps are the most-used fixture in a kitchen and they play an aesthetic role as the centrepiece of the sink. Each person has their own preferences when it comes to style, shape, and colour. To help you choose yours, here’s our rundown of the biggest kitchen tap trends for 2019. 


Two colours typify this year’s kitchen tap trends: black and gold. While these colours work very well alone, an interesting application of these colours is using them in conjunction with each other. For instance, black – specifically matte black – taps with gold accents are very stylish and popular right now. Picture a deep, dark black tap with a brilliant gold finish on the lever handle. It’s both modern and striking. 

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Matte black is being used in a wide range of fields, from smartphones to cars to appliances. While black is a classic colour that oozes simplicity and sophistication, the matte finish softens and adds a modern and high-end twist. Depending on what they’re set against, matt black fixtures achieve both subtlety and boldness at the same time. It also has a satisfying texture which makes it an appealing choice for a tap. (You can read about the design considerations for matt versus gloss finishes here elsewhere on our blog.) Gold is a timeless symbol of elegance and grandeur, and while too much gold can come across as tacky, hints of gold here and there add a subtle touch of class to a contemporary kitchen. 

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Advanced kitchen appliances and techniques are becoming more and more mainstream so it’s only natural that taps follow suit. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Kitchen taps are becoming more capable, and semi-professional taps with functions once only fund in industrial kitchens are now a viable option for the home. For example, pullout (or pull-down) taps are on-trend this year thanks to their improved functionality over traditional taps. 

Pullout taps allow more flexibility – you’re able to clean things that aren’t directly in the sink, and you have more control over the direction of the water. You can use power and direction of the waterstream to aid both washing and food preparation. They’re perfect if you have two sinks side-by-side and their adjustable features make them perfect for sink bathing babies or pets! 

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The standout feature of kitchen taps for this year is instant boiling. Made famous by Quooker taps, boiling taps are by no means new; they’ve been gaining popularity over the past few years and keep getting better. This year, we’ve noticed that more and more people are having these taps installed. They offer instant access to boiling water, meaning you no longer have to wait for a kettle to boil. Cooking and preparing hot drinks is far simpler, faster, and less messy. Quooker taps are also fully height adjustable and childsafe, so no unfortunate accidents will occur when a child goes to get some water. 

Another reason for Quooker’s recent popularity, aside from their utility, is that their taps are eco-friendly. Using kettles will inevitably result in water wastage since it’s hard to be exact when filling it. With a Quooker tap, however, you can always use the exact amount of water you need. This is an appealing feature to the environmentally-conscious society we’re now living in. 

We’ve been using Quooker taps for years here at Burnhill, and you can read more about them here

Use our guide to help you make the right choices when choosing your new sink or tap. At Burnhill Kitchens, we promote individuality but we also believe in looking to trends as a great source of inspiration. For more information and inspiration, get it touch with us and request a free brochure. 

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