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Kitchen Design Trends for 2017


Here at Burnhill Kitchens, we have been lucky to work with a huge variety of customers, each with different dreams and visions. Nevertheless, we often see the same trends resurfacing. Trends do not have to be followed but they can provide guidance and inspiration.

Now a few months into 2017 and with spring on the horizon, we thought it was time to check in on the kitchen design trends which have taken this year by storm. In this post we share what’s hot in the world of kitchen design for 2017.


Blacks, whites and greys are more popular than ever before. There appears to be a move towards monochrome over vibrant colours and we have seen this style produce some really stunning kitchens. Combine monochrome with sleek, sharp lines to create a look of urban sophistication.

Intelligent storage solutions

We have certainly noticed a preference for a de-cluttered space. This has meant an increased interested in clever storage solutions that blend seamlessly into the design of the kitchen. Tall larders and deep drawers all aid the storage situation, plus there are a range of other intuitive storage solutions that can be integrated into your own bespoke kitchen design.

Bespoke designs

Although minimalist trends inspired by the stylish Scandinavians are still dominating the market, there is also a move towards greater personalisation. Standout pops of colour, new textures and quirky features are becoming more popular as a way of creating a truly unique space. Bespoke design enables customers to achieve their vision.


Closely linked to a current appetite for metal finishes, the industrial look is proving a winner for many customers. Not for everyone, it represents a sharp rejection of the more traditional look in favour of something a little more striking. Originating from the ever-popular trend for all things Scandinavian, the industrial look features exposed brick, metal finishes and minimalism.

Smart technology

The technology around us is becoming smarter by the second and this is certainly not exclusive of the kitchen. With the increasing ability to operate appliances from your smartphone, customers are becoming more and more savvy with their kitchen technology. Here at Burnhill Kitchens, we work with Siemens to provide the intuitive Home Connect App, opening up a range of exciting opportunities.


From herringbone and chevron patterns to bold graphic designs, geometric patterns have seen a resurgence in the design world. A popular trend for kitchen tiles, the geometric look can be made subtle and muted with all-white tiles, or bold and brazen with a contrast of colours. The angular shapes are perfect for making a statement and can inject personality into your kitchen space.

We are always excited to see new trends emerge and love seeing how our designers and customers adapt them for their own unique visions. If you are looking for a new kitchen then get in touch with a member of the Burnhill Kitchens team today.

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